Public policies

                                                                                    Public policies

This program is offered to individuals and to representatives of NGOs promoting social changes. Participants will study and master the strategies that contribute to changing social relations in the interest of the beneficiary group they work for.

The program is carried out at and consists of the following modules:

1)       The Concept of Advocacy (presentation of advocacy);

2)       Public Policy Process;

3)       Advocacy Planning;

4)       Public Policies Analysis;

5)       “Monitoring and Reporting” Strategy (presentation in dynamic);

6)       “Awareness through Mass Media” Strategy;

7)       “Lobbying in Law Making and Decision Making” Strategy;

8)       Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Public Policies;

9)       “Litigation for Public Interest” Strategy;

10)   “Negotiation” Strategy;

11)   “Cooperation and Building Partnerships” Strategy (presentation in dynamic).