CReDO – Resource Center for Human Rights

CReDO is a nonprofit human rights advocacy and democratization group founded in 1999. CReDO is a well-established and known organization in Moldova for its impartial and public standing. CReDO acts with courage and civic attitude on issues of public concerns.


CReDO promotes human rights and functioning of democratic institutions. CReDO provides
public and decision-makers with evidence for the best policy choice and advocates its effective
Moldova’s democratic institutions stable and human rights compliance closer to European


Our actions based on:
‐ Our values,
‐ Active engagement with real challenges

- Creation of added value for the society

We endorse:
- Diversity and pluralism- Impartiality and trust- Transparency and accountability


 CReDO detained  the presidency of the National Participation Council (NPC) during 2012-2014 years:


NPC consists of 30 members, representatives of organized civil society groups. The member mandate is granted for two years. National Participation Council intends to facilitate involvement of all interested stakeholders in designing, implementing, monitoring, evaluation and updating of strategic planning documents.

 CReDO has held two presidential mandates of the Anticorruption Alliance in 2014 and 2015:

Anticorruption Alliance is a voluntary union of Moldovan non-governmental organizations, founded on the initiative of a group of NGOs working in various fields, especially in the sphere of public policy, law, democratic institutions. Alliance currently has about 20 members, joining the representatives of the media, youth organizations, in the sphere of education and science, etc.


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